Rise of the Runelords

No beauty in the beholder...

The monstrous beast that called the Shadow Clock its lair put Liam to sleep with her magic, but he was soon awoken by the sharp pain of her minion’s blade. He saw the beast above him, seemingly stabbing the earth next to his head. It wasn’t until the pain registered that he realized reality. Only his left eye was open because the beast’s sword was embedded deep within his right eye socket. Crying out in pain and agony, Liam writhed for several seconds before falling unconscious. How he managed to survive such a strike, none in the party could explain. He half-heartedly suggests it was his ‘Halfing Luck’ and Gaelenlas theorized it might be due to the anatomical structure of the halfling’s elongated skull. Either way, Liam awoke later with Bon muttering words of magic above him. Despite the druid’s desperate attempt to heal him, the intricacy of the eye proved too complex and the damage to extensive. Now, with his vision obscured, as if looking through a cloudy red veil, the halfling’s right eye is mostly just a source of overwhelming pain.

For the rest of the day, the halfling’s typical whimsical nature and lightheartedness were gone. He was sullen and withdrawn, constantly bringing his fingers to his bandaged head. After everything from the day’s adventure was sorted out, he offered the short explanation of, “There’s someone I must find…” before quickly disappearing into the crowded Magnimarian streets.



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