Rise of the Runelords

Sandpoint Murder Mystery

Gaelenlas Ulthspar

Upon returning from Magnimar our party was promptly met by Sheriff Hemlock. In our absence there had occurred three murders. As the most able members of the community we were promptly deputized. The sheriff had also encountered one whom he assumed would fit in with our merry crew and thus Bon, The Tide Watcher, has entered into the company of heroes. Next we followed the clues like blood hounds on the scent we embarked to the local Mill where the most recent crime had been committed. What we found there was gruesome indeed and i must admit the limitations of my constitution for more than once I felt the need to step outside and clear my head. While investigating the mill I deduced that the a culprit was most likely a necromancer imposing his will upon the scared remains of the deceased, using the hollow shells of the dead to carry out the grisly deeds. Afterwards we had a “pleasant” chat with the elder Vinder and he had the gall to accuse me of consorting with his charlatan of a daughter. Needless to say he was of no help and only guilty of deluding himself! In the course of the day we had obtained some new clues and while following up on these leads we clear the farm side from and undead infestation. Then we toke a quick visit to the sanitarium to question a surviving victim who had apparently gone mad from his experience. When we meet the individual he was clearly beyond saving and most likely in the process of transforming into a ghoul. This only further confirms my suspicion of the puppet master necromancer. Interestingly though Telerandon is wrapped up in this mess and although I do not believe he was involved I have kept a close eye on him and refuse to sleep with the rest of the group. Instead opting to spend my evenings in the company of Shalelu. Tomorrow we head off to investigate the old Foxglove manor as the clues have been adding up to a conclusive resolution at that location. Let us pray this has not been a wild goose chase.



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