Rise of the Runelords

Travels to Turtleback

The heroes accepted their charge to investigate the silence of Fort Rannick. They traveled by riverboat up the Yondabakari River deep into the Varisian lowlands. After seven days, they entered Claybottom Lake and reached the fishing town Turtleback Ferry.

The next morning the heroes set out for Fort Rannick. Just a few hours north of town they heard the pained cry of an animal just off of the narrow road. Investigating they found a small fire pelt cougar with it’s leg locked in a cruel rack-like trap. The cat seemed to welcome their approach.

Meanwhile a barking dogs and a rumbling tune and trampling crash announced the arrival of a huge new threat. Once the ogrekin and dogs were defeated, the wounded cat led the party deeper into
the forest. The heroes found a small farmyard with a dwelling and a barn. Although the corn should have been harvested weeks ago it still stood rotting.

The party began scouting around the old farmhouse. They entered a large bedroom that reeked of death. The group moved downstairs and found an empty tannery room. The next room was packed with crates and boxes floor to ceiling. Clearing the house they fought a giant obese ogrekin female. The fight was rough but the party was victorious.

Within the barn, the heroes found a partition. An upper floor doorway revealed a dense mesh of spider webbing beyond. They also found three matted masses of spiderwebs stuck to the distant wall containing humanoid victims. The party was attacked by a spider. Several expertly placed strikes from the party brought the spider down.

The released the prisoners and found them badly drained men of the Black Arrows Order. Once healed, the handsome young human introduced himself as Kaven Windstrike and offered many thanks. He explained that the fort had been sacked by ogres from Hook Mountain. He and Vale, pointing at his brooding comrade, were part of a ranging patrol led by Jakardros. When they returned to Fort Rannick, they found the place sacked by Kreeg ogres – fallen rangers littered the ground. Jakardros ordered a counterattack but the ogres were too strong. The patrol retreated into the forest. They spent several days evading ogres only to be attacked by dogs and corralled into cunning traps laced with poison. We lost consciousness and all sense of time since. They decided to burn the barn and the farm house down, ridding the area of the foulness that became of the places. After agreeing to return to Turtleback ferry to plan the attack on Fort Rannick



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