Telranden Trulloc

Shoanti Adventurer Out to Make a Name for Himself


Name: Telranden Trulloc
Age: 23
Alignment: NG
Race: Human
Class: Fighter 6
Hero Points: 2

AC: 25 Touch: 12 Flat-footed: 23
Initiative: 2
BAB: 6

HP: 58

Str: 20 +5
Dex: 17 +3
Con: 14 +2
Int: 12 +1
Wis: 10 -
Cha: 11 -

Auspicious Tattoo (Shoanti)

Monster Hunter (+1 atk/dmg vs Aberation/Magical Beasts)

Two-Weapon Fighting
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
Weapon Focus Klar
Weapon Focus Earth Breaker
Thunder and Fang
Power Attack
Furious Focus
Weapon Specialization (Earthbreaker)

Climb 1+3+4=8
Craft Weapons 2+3+1=6
Intimidate 5+3=8
Knowledge Dungeoneering 3+3+1=7
Knowledge Engineering 1+3+1=5
Linguistics 1
Swim 1+3+4=8
Survival 1+3=4

Fort 7
Ref 5
Will 3 (+1 vs fear)

Armor Training
Weapon Training Shoanti (Earthbreaker, Klar)

Common, Thassilonian, Shoanti


x6 Chakram 1d8 x2 30ft 1lbs(6) S 1g(6)
+1 Earth breaker 2d6 x3 14lbs B

+1 Full Plate 10AC 2MD -4ACP 50lbs
+1 Klar 1AC
+1 NA amulet
+1 Ring of Protection
+1 Cloak of Resistance
+2 Belt of Dexterity

mw composite longbow (+4)
44 arrows
3 elf bane arrow


cure light potion
silver dagger
Everburn Torch

mw Greatsword (gorgutz)

+1 atk/dmg vs Aberation/Magical Beasts

Earth breaker /Power Attack /Furious Focus
+13/13 atk +9/13 dmg
(bab 6, str 5, weapon focus 1, enh 1, weapon training 1)
(str 5, enh 1, pa 4, weapon training 1, weapon specialization 2)

EB +11/11 (2d6 +9/13) and Klar +11/9 (1d6 +4/6)
(klar str 5, bab 6, enh 1, wf 1, weapon training 1)
(klar str 5, enh 1, pa 2, weapon training 1)
4 attacks
bab 6/1
str 5
wf 1
enh 1
wt 1
pa -2
twf -2

Earthbreaker 12/5
Klar 10/5


“Study the ancients labors to gain insight to mastering a more perfect self.”

From an early age I’ve been fascinated with the ancient Shoanti fighting style. The way has shown vast amounts of discipline I’ve rarely seen elsewhere. I wish to master the Thunder and Fang style and perfect it. The Earth breaker itself came naturally to me, being familiar with the anvil helped in that task. The Klar on the other hand feels strange, to master it I must use it both offensively and protectively. I feel the only way to fully succeed is to embrace them wholly. And so in combat I shall use two till I am able to wield the Earth breaker in its place.

Sandpoint holds local friends of mine and is well known for miscreants causing trouble. I’ve been of aid to them before clearing up small problems of the goblin variety. This time however there is an uneasy feeling, maybe some greater challenge to test my skill at arms awaits.

Telranden Trulloc

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